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Spring Into Color at Sun Tan City!

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It’s official ladies and gents, finally, the countdown to spring has begun! We are now less than 30 days away from the official first day of spring and I could not be any more excited. After a record breaking winter, we are all deserving of a little sunshine and fresh air! With spring time right around the corner we have so much to look forward to; sandals, vacations, no more bulky coats, or that frustrating question “Where did I leave my gloves now?!” I don’t know about you but during the winter months I go through so many pairs of gloves!

With the change in the weather we over joyously welcome the change of our wardrobe; switching from cumbersome layers to light, flowy, pops of color. Just as your wardrobe changes in the spring, so do your needs for tanning. As a Field Support Specialist for Sun Tan City, this month I have been busy helping to prep our teams to ensure we are ready to help you achieve that perfect glow to compliment your spring outfits and trips to the beach. During training seminars and salon visits it got me thinking about my own tanning needs and what my tanning plan is for spring.

During the winter months my tanning routine is pretty simple 2-4 sessions in my favorite bed, followed up with a light spray in the sunless to even out my glow. Now as we are moving into spring, my needs from tanning go from wanting a “light glow,” to wanting a “deep natural tan,” perfect for long days in the sun.


When making this switch in my tanning routine I love to start off with a Pure Lotion, like our own Blend Amour. Amour boosts my own natural color while maximizing results of the bed while keeping my skin rich with essential vitamins and minerals for the tanning process. Paired with one of our great facial products and tan extenders, I am on my way to a flawless base tan. Once I am ready to kick my color up a notch, I will mix in a bronzing product, adding an immediate cosmetic boost of color.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry about it! At every Sun Tan City location we are staffed with the most knowledgeable tanning experts there to help you achieve your ideal tan. On every visit we are there to help ensure you are maximizing the results of every visit.

Spring in to Sun Tan City before the end of February to take advantage of 25 percent off Blend Expressions tanning lotions, exclusively made for Sun Tan City. Club Sun Members will also receive $25 in FREE upgrades, perfect for getting that extra pop of color! Get your coupon HERE.

As my good friend Vicki always says, “Be Bright, Please Tan Responsibly.”

Stay Bright!

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