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Designer Skin has some of the MOST amazing tanning lotions available! Bronzers, intensifiers, warming lotions, cooling lotions, facial lotions, and more are all available through the Designer Skin line. No matter what your tanning goal or budget, there is a product available to you. Here are just a few of my favorite lotions, which happen to be on sale the entire month of October for 25%* off!

Smile! You’re Darker™:

This maximum bronzing accelerator will get you a fabulous all-over color FAST! Plus, you just can’t help but feel happier every time you see that big smiley face on the bottle.


Need to pump up your tan? Pumped is the perfect intensifier to make sure you get your darkest tan in the shortest amount of time possible! One of my favorite ingredients in Pumped is Designer Skin’s exclusive DreamWear™ Silicone Emulsion, which blurs fine lines and wrinkles. You will feel so soft and hydrated after just one visit.


One of best cooling lotions available, Escapade makes sure your trip to the sunbed is relaxing — just like you spent the day on the beach under the umbrella. The fresh, clean scent of Bermuda Breeze also completes the experience and provides that sun-kissed golden color.

Juicy Desire™:

Smells so good you’ll want to drink it! This bronzer is perfect to quench dry, tired skin because of its amazing mix of pineapple, mango and kale! With an 18X bronzing blend of DHA and MelanINK™ bronzers, you will have the perfect all-over, even color after every tanning session.

Stop in to see what other Designer Skin lotions are 25% off this month!


P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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