Your Social Calendar’s Still Growing, So Keep Glowing!

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Summer may be beginning to wind down, but that doesn’t mean your social calendar will! This has been one of the busiest summers I’ve had in a long time. Every weekend has been booked with a concert, wedding or DIY project for my new house. However, just because summer is coming to a close, it doesn’t mean you should let that gorgeous summer glow fade away! There are plenty of reasons to maintain a glow throughout the rest of 2014. Check some of mine out below:

  • Labor Day
  • Weddings
  • Halloween
  • Holidays
  • New Year’s Eve

While a few of those events and holidays may seem forever away, it feels like just yesterday I was wishing away that nasty winter. With TTEOY (Tan ’til the End of the Year), Sun Tan City will help you hold on to your glow a little longer, and this incredible discount package will help you hang on to some extra money!

For the same price as only six visits in a sunless booth or about 5 Double-Dips, you can tan ’til the end of 2014 for one extremely low price! (Plus tax.) Check out the prices below:

  • Fast $79
  • Faster $159
  • Fastest $239
  • Instant $319
  • Sunless Inclusive $239

Plus, whenever you purchase a TTEOY,you not only receive all the perks of a Club Sun membership, you will also receive $30 in upgrades for FREE ($70 value), a FREE Sunless Inclusive visit ($40 value) and up to 25% off products! Sounds pretty great, right?

Don’t let your glow fade; go to now or your favorite salon to purchase your TTEOY today!

P.S. Be bright, please tan responsibly!


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