Skin-Tastic: Tan Extenders

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You don’t have to settle for fair skin come fall. Want to know how to keep your summer glow even longer? Try a tan extender at Sun Tan City!

Sun tan extenders a specific type of lotion designed to do exactly what its name implies: extend the life of a sun tan. Tan extenders are made to replenish skin with all the moisture, nutrients, and vitamins that is lost during your time in a Sun Tan City bed. And, as we know, skin that more moisturized (and, as a result, healthier) will hold a tan longer.

At Sun Tan City, we recommend always using some sort of moisturizer after your time with us, no matter how long you’ve been tanning or your skin type. So tan extenders really pull a double duty. First, they moisturize your skin immediately after you tan, and they give your skin what it needs to help your tan last longer!

And right now, there are plenty of hot tan extenders on the market. Our Blend® line of products, which are exclusive to Sun Tan City, touts two extenders, Sinfully Soft and Fresh. Either of these products will leave your skin looking and feeling great!

If you have questions about tan extenders and how they work, just ask a Tanning Consultant at your favorite Sun Tan City! Happy tanning!

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