Skin-Tastic tan: Accelerators & Intensifiers

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Navigating through the many lotion options out there can be overwhelming. You have bronzer and tingle lotions, after-tan lotions, tan extenders, facial lotions, sunless gels, and more. Luckily, you have us to help point you in the right direction. Two of the most commonly used lotions are tanning accelerators and intensifiers. And while some people think the two serve similar purposes, they actually help you tan in different ways. We’ll explain…

Tanning accelerators are mainly used to help build your natural base tan. These lotions are packed with moisturizers and nutrients that deliver you skin the boost it needs to jumpstart the tanning process.

Even with a great starter lotion, it’s possible for your tan to plateau. That’s where a tanning intensifier can help boost your color. Intensifiers are best for regular tanners who want to achieve an even deeper tan. Tanning intensifiers kick your tan into overdrive, allowing your skin to develop the dark tan you want! Fabulous!

So next time you tan with us, ask your Tanning Consultant about different tanning lotion options and see if a tanning accelerator or intensifier is right for you. Happy Tanning!


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