Secret Tanning Tip: “What Lotion Should I Use?”

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Whenever I visit my salons, I am frequently asked the question, “What lotion would you recommend I tan with?” While I definitely have my own personal favorites, it is really important to me to first identify your tanning goals and what is most important to you about your products before I make a recommendation.

For example, skincare is always No. 1 for me, which is why I love our luxury products. They have the best antiaging properties combined with the best tanning ingredients. Also, during the winter months I prefer to use pure/intensifying lotions because they help me produce more of my natural glow without the added cosmetic boost. So first, what type of tanner are you: beginner or advanced?

For a beginning tanner I would recommend starting with a Pure/Intensifier. This category of lotion will help you tan to your own natural abilities but up to 70% faster. Currently Pumped! by Designer Skin is my favorite – the silicone inside is perfect for softening rough winter skin. Once you have built your base tan and need a boost in color, try out a Natural Bronzer or Cosmetic Bronzer.

A Natural Bronzer, like JWOWW’s Natural Black Bronzer, uses ingredients like black walnut and other extracts to give your skin an immediate glow after tanning. Our Cosmetic Bronzers are a blend of natural and cosmetic bronzing ingredients that give you an immediate and delayed boost in color. For best results with a cosmetic bronzer, apply it in even circular motions, wash your palms after use, and allow 2-3 hours for the cosmetic boost to develop. For best results, advanced tanners should alternate between Pure and Bronzing lotions.

Once you know if a Pure or a Bronzer is right for you, let’s figure out your style. At Sun Tan City we have several styles of products:

Luxury: The best of the best! These lotions contain the best skin care ingredients for antiaging and firming combined with the best ingredients to develop a rich bronze tan.
Classic: Tried and true. Classic lotions are some of our best sellers that have been around for a while because our clients love them!
Trendy: We all want what’s hot right now. Our trendy products are some of the newest and hottest lotions on the shelves right now. Check out our new 2015 lotions!
Sensitive: Developed for those with sensitive skin but great for all clients. The Swedish Beauty Botanica line is 95% natural and ideal for those with sensitive skin.
Value: Great products for a great price! Sun Tan City carries a variety of products to cater to all budgets.

By understanding what type of tanner you are and what you’re looking for in products, we can set you up with the best options for you.

Not sure which will be your favorite? Check out our “Try Before You Buy” packet promo. Whenever you buy a packet, you can subtract the packet price off the lotion cost within 7 days of the packet purchase (some restrictions may apply)! Not to mention, at Sun Tan City we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on products and services.

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Happy Tanning!

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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