Secret Tanning Tip: How to Get the Best Color From Your Bronzer

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It’s no secret our clients love bronzers! How could you not, though? Bronzing lotions help you achieve an immediate and delayed boost in color ranging from a light glow to bronzed perfection. However, did you know you may not be achieving the best results from your bronzers? Check out our insider secrets for achieving bronzed perfection:

1. Pair your bronzer with a prep lotion. Prep products are like the primer to your foundation, or the base coat to your nail polish. They do several things:
a. Help your tan last longer.
b. Balance and correct your color.
c. Boost bronzer development.
d. Nourish the skin with essential nutrients before the tanning process.

2. Exfoliate once a week because exfoliation is key to achieving a flawless tan. Our California Tan exfoliator will gently remove dehydrated skin cells and lotion buildup, helping your favorite lotion work better.

3. Extend with a bronzing tan extender. Extenders not only help your tan last longer, but also help you tan better. A bronzing tan extender will allow you to add a touch of color from home to make your color pop.

Don’t forget, the best results come from switching things up. Rotate your beds and products to achieve a flawless glow! Consult with one of our highly knowledgeable Tanning Consultants for more secrets for achieving your best tanning results.

Happy Tanning!
P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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