Reward Yourself With a Sun Tan City Career

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I have been with Sun Tan City for almost six years. I started out as part-time Tanning Consultant working through college. Today, I am now a Salon Director and this is my career! Working for Sun Tan City has molded me as a person. It has taught me structure, punctuality, and that hard work pays off.

The atmosphere at Sun Tan City is contagiously positive. It’s simply a job that you are happy to come into every day. Working together makes my team great. They all love their jobs and are glad to be at work. We all respect each other, and it makes everyone work together. I also get to meet amazing people while I am at work; people come in as clients but leaves as friends. It’s definitely a job that you end up loving so you never feel like its work.

A career with Sun Tan City is definitely one that rewards all hard work that is put in.

— Salon Director Ashleigh Singer at New Albany Charlestown Rd.

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