Relaxing in Your Favorite Sunbed

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No matter what I have going on in life, I know that escaping to my favorite sunbed at Sun Tan City will give me the minutes I need to relax. The warmth of the lamps on my skin, the smell of my favorite tanning lotion, combined with the relaxing melodies make me forget where I am and what I’m stressed about… Even if it is just for a few minutes.

Here are some tips to relaxing in your favorite sunbed at Sun Tan City:

  1. Tan with one of our tanning lotions—they’re designed to increase the life and depth of your tan and keep your skin moisturized. Plus, they smell fantastic!
  2. Wear your protective eyewear. Not only is it a requirement, but your eyewear will block out the extra light, making it easier for you to relax.
  3. Listen to the sound of the fans in your sunbed; the white noise can be very soothing.
  4. Or you can always listen to the music we have playing or bring your ear buds and escape listening to your favorite tunes.
  5. Breathe… Yes, breathe. So many of us (including myself) are on a “go-go-go” schedule where we are only focused on the next task. Try to take a step away from your “go-go-go” mentality and just be.

Using the time in your sunbed to relax can give you clarity and peace of mind. Enjoy your visit and your glowing tan afterwards.

Happy (Relaxed) Tanning,


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