We carry a wide range of tanning products to pamper your skin and enhance your glow. Our lotions can be used for indoor tanning, help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, provide vitamins and minerals your skin needs, and enhance and lengthen your tanning results. Our styles vary to give clients plenty of options to meet their individual needs at a variety of price points. Whether you’re looking for the best tanning lotions for sensitive skin, lotions at a great value or top-of-the-line luxury products, we have the best indoor tanning lotions designed for you. An added benefit? Our tanning lotions can be used outdoors, too! Just be advised that the lotions have no SPF, so to protect your skin from sun damage outdoors, be sure to use an SPF sunscreen as well.

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Designer Skin® Salacious

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Elusive Bronzer
Provides a pop of color and a signature scent.

HempNation Vanilla Pineapple
Supreme hydration for creating silky smooth skin.

It’s a 10! Miracle Leave In
Conditioner for silky, shiny hair that’s as gorgeous as the body.

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