Norvell-1-768x267Norvell is rated #1 for education, color, and artistry.  Norvell educates and collaborates with professional tanning artists to develop breakthrough sunless tanning products and artistic application techniques.  Norvell Vivid products are infused with a blend of botanicals.  The combination of botanicals is a powerful dose of antioxidants that help protect and renew the skin for a long lasting tan!  Vivid is designed with proprietary Smart Tan Color technology offered as a blend of violet and brown bronzers with gradual and extended tans in addition to skincare treatments.

Norvell Products at Sun Tan City

Amplify – prime and balance the skin’s pH for maximum sunless tanning results

Boost – Multi-tasking lotion works to gradually build color while extending a sunless tan

Effect – Micro-fine mist utilizes color theory to neutralize orange hues

Revive – polish the skin prior to sunless tanning for maximum results

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