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Trust me, you’ll want to pay attention as you read this blog. We have so many new products that will be on our shelves this year, it is best you read all about them now, so you can be educated about what is so amazing about them as you shop in your favorite Sun Tan City salon!

This spring you will fall in love with Amour – Beloved Intensifier from Blend! Amour’s formula is full of black tea extract to help prolong your tan while exotic nutrients help make your skin soft and too tempting not to touch. For those that prefer a dark bronzer, we will also launch Blend’s Poised – Dignified Dark Bronzer that also includes ingredients such as black tea extracts, hibiscus extract and orchid extract. This formula will help heighten the depth and life of your tan, while the antioxidants help saturate your skin with moisture rich nourishment. Poised will leave your skin soft with distinctly dark color.

Extending the life of your tan doesn’t have to stop with lotion… We also carry Designer Skin’s Tiny Bubbles two-in-one body wash and bubble bath this year. This classic product is specially formulated with mild skin cleansers and natural oils to leave your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated, and radiant. We also love the yummy crushed pineapple and coconut fragrance. This product is specially designed for sunbed and sunless tanners.

Remember, your tan is only as good as the products you use. Take advantage of our expert insights into our products and purchase yours today, feeling confident that you are buying the best in the industry! Happy Tanning!!


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