New Tanning FAQ: What to Wear When Tanning

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Each month we’ll bring you new Frequently Asked Questions that our Sun Tan City Tanning Experts receive from tanning clients just like you. If you have a specific question you’d like to have us answer publically, please feel free respond to any of our blog posts or write your question to us on Facebook. That way, we can share the questions and our knowledge with others tanning connoisseurs just like you!

What to wear when tanning? 

To each their own, we say! Everyone enjoys sun tanning in different ways and it depends on the type of tanning coverage you prefer. There is no right or wrong way to dress during your tanning session.

Many of those who enjoy private indoor tanning do so in the nude, because it provides the most even coverage. However, because tender areas of your body are exposed during your sessions that are not accustomed to being exposed to sunlight, you will want to introduce your body to nude UV exposure at a relaxed pace.

For those with concerns about sanitation or modesty, you are also welcome to tan wearing swimwear of any coverage level, or any other tan-through fabric item of clothing.

Keep in mind, your room at Sun Tan City is entirely private, and employees will not interrupt you during your tanning session. You are free to wear whatever you like to make the most of your tanning experience.

Until next time, feel free to send us a note on Facebook or talk to your local tanning consultant directly. We’re always available to help a client in need!


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