Make Your Mondays Magnificent!

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Monday has always had a bad rap in the weekday lineup. There are only a few times a year, like Memorial Day and Labor Day, that make you look forward to the start of the week. I get it; Monday has to follow Friday, Saturday and Sunday Funday. Those days are a tough act to follow! Me, personally, I don’t mind Mondays. I can’t complain, but perhaps that’s because at Sun Tan City, most days are like a walk on the beach, just minus the sand. However, I think Sun Tan City is going to turn around your Mondays with a very special event …

This August, we want you to give Mondays a second chance. Every Monday in August, Magnificent Mondays are back with $10 any sunbed or sunless visits! Or make it a Double-Dip for only $20 to get a glow that will last all week. I can’t think of any better way to spend my lunch break than relaxing in my favorite sunbed.

All of you are invited to make Mondays a little brighter with Magnificent Mondays. Whether your Club Sun membership is frozen or active, or even if you’re not a member yet, you can take advantage of this deal to start your week on the bright side! Plus, with the money you’ll save, you can add an extra boost to your glow with one of our fab products … don’t forget to check out our August product special!

Stop by your favorite Sun Tan City location every Monday!

P.S. Be bright, please tan responsibly!


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