How Long Is Too Long To Keep Your Lotions?

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Have you fallen into the habit of storing your lotions for summer like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter? Or perhaps you’re more like me, and halfway through your bottle of lotion, you get bored with it and need a change. Maybe you’re a pro at tanning and know how beneficial it can be to switch up your lotions. No matter what your reason is for hoarding tanning lotions, it’s good to know how long your favorite lotions are OK to use.

So how long is too long to hold onto that bottle of lotion? While there is not a definitive expiration date on your bottle, most brands of tanning lotions at Sun Tan City have a shelf life of up to one year. Now, of course you can still continue to use last season’s lotion, but keep in mind that the effectiveness of the ingredients will decrease. What does that mean? It means your summer glow will not reach its maximum potential and it’s time to trade in and trade up!

Until July 24th, trade in your old, unwanted tanning lotion at Sun Tan City and receive a $15 credit toward a lotion purchase $39 or more! It’s the perfect time to complete your summer tanning kit with a few of my favorite tanning necessities below:

· Girlfriend Sexy Legs is perfect for kicking up color on those hard-to-tan areas. But remember it’s not just for ladies!

· Designer Skin Color Perfecting Primer is ideal for every bronzer fanatic.

· JWOWW One and Done Advanced Moisturizer is rich with caffeine to help firm and tone the skin while promoting a longer lasting tan.

· Tiny Bubbles Body Wash has a crushed pineapple and coconut fragrance that will leave you longing for the beach.

Stop by your favorite Sun Tan City to upgrade your lotion and your tan this summer with a complete set of your tanning necessities!

Shine Bright!


PS – Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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