Last Chance to Take a Tour of the City!

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Traveling educates you; it’s good for your soul and has the power to change your daily patterns. Some of the reasons I think these statements are true is because if you never get outside of your comfort zone, how will you grow?

Carry this same mentality in your tanning and you can experience the best we have to offer this month with our Tour of the City. Tan in each sunbed level we offer: Fast, Faster, Fastest, Instant and Sunless for only $9.99 (plus tax of course)! Tanning in each level within two weeks will feel like a relaxing whirlwind that will definitely impact your tanning life.

So shake up the new you this year; be adventurous and take a Tour of our City! Be sure to drop by your favorite Sun Tan City salon today – as today is your last chance to take advantage of this tremendous offer!

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