Last Chance for Facebook $10 Double Dip

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This is your last chance to claim our $10 Double Dip on our Facebook page!

If you’re unsure on what a Double Dip is, let me give you the refresher. A Double-Dip is a session in an sunbeds, immediately followed with a sunless inclusive session in one of our sunless tanning booths. After your relaxing instant visit, you go into one of our sunless tanning booths for a one-of-a-kind sunless treat. With the sunless session you have the option to have a hydration pass, which we highly recommend to hydrate your skin so you can see the maximum results from your Double Dip treat.

Check out our Tour of the City video on what your instant tanning and sunless session will entail.

And here are a few tips I recommend that you follow for the best sunless results:

– Preparation before your visit:
Shower and exfoliate
Do not shave for 24 hours prior to visit
Avoid heavy perfumes and lotions

– Maintaining your tan after visit:
Avoid perspiration
Do not shower 4 – 6 hours after visit
Avoid skin getting wet

I hope you enjoy your Double-Dip experience! If you have any additional questions, drop by your favorite Sun Tan City salon and one of our expert Tanning Consultants can assist you!

Happy Double-Dipping,


PS – Be Bright. Please tan responsibly.


  1. june chapman

    I really like suntan city

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