Keeping Skin Moisturized (the Right Way)

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Moisture is the secret to great looking skin. No ifs, ands, or buts—for skin that’s soft, healthy and beautiful, moisture is key. And if you’re like me and love to keep your skin sun-kissed and bronzed all year round, moisture is even more important. Tanning can dry out your skin if you’re not moisturizing often enough, so here are a couple of different ways you can keep yourself hydrated and your skin healthy.

Drink Water! An oldie, but a goodie. Water does more for your body than any other food or beverage out there. Even making an effort to drink a glass of water with every meal to get more H2O in your system will have great benefits for your skin.

Use Moisturizing Body Wash. Aside from lotion, body wash is another topical opportunity to get in a little extra moisture. For best results, use a tan extender body wash.

Choose A Lotion. Of course, the number one way to stay moisturized while tanning is to use the right lotion for your skin type. Special nourishing agents and vitamins packed into every lotion are designed to replenish essential nutrients lost during the tanning process.

Ask your tanning consultant about what indoor tanning lotion is right for you!

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