Keep Your Summer Glow at Sun Tan City

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Autumn weather is officially here! I just love the crisp air, sweaters with boots, and the fall leaves changing colors. However, the only color I hate to see change is my golden tan. Luckily, Sun Tan City has summer year-round so we can keep our glow no matter what season it is!

Summer in the City begins today! No, I’m not joking with the name … It is ALWAYS sunny and 74 degrees at Sun Tan City so summer is year-round! Instant Club Sun Members receive 30 percent off tan extenders and step 3 products this week. Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Sunless Club Sun Members can upgrade to the next level for $1 with weekend upgrade prices available. Non-members and new clients can tan in our Fast level sunbed for only $1 and purchase upgrades at Club Sun Member pricing.

If you’d like to start a Club Sun Membership during Summer in the City, you can do so for only a $1 Down for NEW Club Sun Memberships and upgrades OR you can purchase an Annual Radiance membership for 20 percent off.  When you start a new tanning membership this week you will receive a gift with purchase, $30 FREE Member upgrades, and one FREE Sunless inclusive visit.

*Hurry in, Summer in the City pricing ends on October 6th!*

If you are currently a frozen Club Sun Member, you will only be able to tan for the non-member specials and purchase upgrades at the non-member special pricing. So this is a great time to unfreeze!

Don’t forget to share your glow on our Facebook and Twitter pages! If you tan with us this month, post a picture of the sunbed or sunless booth you use and tell me why it’s your favorite!

I can’t wait to see all of your posts! Happy tanning!





PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.


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