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At Sun Tan City, we know that a great tan starts with two things: high quality tanning equipment and a great tanning lotion! Lucky for you, we have both!

One of our favorite lines is the JWOWW line of tanning products, brought to you by MTV phenomenon Jennifer “JWOWW” Farley of Jersey Shore. Not only do we love her line of tanning and skincare products, but this month, we’re offering some great deals on JWOWW products. Simply pick up a bottle of JWOWW, JWOWW 50X or JWOWW One & Done and receive a bottle of JWOWW Shimmering Body Lotion Tan Extender for free! Not only does this moisturizer pack a super-hydrating benefit, but it will add a lightweight shimmer, perfect for a night out on the town.

No matter what lotion you choose, you’ll be left with a deep, rich tan that is the perfect accessory to a night out on the town. The star’s original bronzer, JWOWW, is packed with bronzing goodness and moisturizers, giving your skin a glow that will last beyond the bed. But maybe something a little more powerful is your style. The JWOWW 50X Bronzer lotion features powerful instant and delayed bronzers, giving your skin richer, more radiant developed color. And if you’re looking for instant color, look no further than the JWOWW One & Done, which will get you shades darker in just one session! This mix of bronzers and JWOWW’s signature skin care ingredients will prepare your skin for a rich, dark color and leave you feeling hydrated and, best of all, tan!

So stop by your favorite Sun Tan City salon now through December 31st, and take advantage of this great deal! If you have more questions about the JWOWW line of products, just ask one of our Tanning Consultants! Happy Tanning!

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