Importance of Tan Extenders

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Sun Tan City proudly sells the best tan extenders on the market. Many cosmetic companies will offer lotions that cater to dry skin, oily skin, mature skin, young skin, etc. But our tan extenders are specialty formulated to extend the life of your tan while moisturizing your skin.

Moisturizing your skin with one of our tan extenders is one of the most important things you can do to get and maintain your glow. Someone who has dry skin can tends to have an ashy tone, even when they tan. Using one of our tan extenders can help your skin look hydrated due to the ingredients our products include, which can include antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients.

Our tan extenders should be applied after every sunbed visit no matter what your skin type is or what stage you’re in with tanning. If you use these after a Sunless tanning session, please be sure to wait 4 to 6 hours. Not only will you extend your tan or Sunless glow, your skin will look and smell amazing.

Be sure to ask one of our expert Tanning Consultants at your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon for details on which tan extender is perfect for your lifestyle and budget! Thanks for checking out today’s blog! Happy moisturizing!

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