Importance of Tan Extenders

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Tan extenders are important at any time of the year, but especially during the summer. Tan Extenders are specialized tanning lotions designed to do exactly what their name indicates: extend the life of your tan.

Tan extenders also replenish your skin with all the nutrients, vitamins, and moisture that is lost during indoor and outdoor sun exposure. And, skin that is healthier and more moisturized will hold a tan for much longer.

A moisturizer of some sort should be applied after every sun tanning visit, no matter your skin type or what stage your tan is currently in. That’s why tan extenders are a no-brainer; it only makes sense to replenish lost nutrients and moisture to extend your tan.

Here are some of our tan extenders that you will love:

  • Sinfully Soft by Blend®
  • Angel by Designer Skin
  • Aloe There by Swedish Beauty

Although these lotions may all be grouped as “extenders,” they each have their own set of advantages and benefits. For a detailed description of each unique sun tanning lotion and to decide which will be the best for your tanning goals, please speak to one of our expert Tanning Consultants at your favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon.

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