Huge Growth Potential

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I am Nicole BonJour and so far I’ve enjoyed nearly six years with Sun Tan City. I started out as a seasonal Tanning Consultant and immediately fell in love with the environment, the clients, and the huge potential for growth. I quickly became a Salon Director in Training (SDIT) after the season ended and had taken over my own salon within a year of joining the company.

Working for Sun Tan City has been, by far, my most favorite job. While each day is structurally the same when I go in because I’m always tanning clients, cleaning, and discussing the different products and options we have; at the same time, no day is the same. I love that each day I get to help all different kinds of clients reach a range of goals for their own tanning needs. I also love how easy Sun Tan City makes that for us by constantly updating us with new products, great specials, and incentives for providing great client service.

I also love that Sun Tan City has provided me with a second family. My fellow Salon Directors and District Manager are some of my best friends and favorite people. My Tanning Consultants are like my children in all the best ways and it is amazing to see them develop into future key holders, managers, or even to just gaining new skills they will use in their future careers.

– Salon Director Nicole BonJour

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