How to Cover Tanlines

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It’s summer and there may be a few days that you’ll get some sun outside … The one downside to tanning outside are the tanlines you can develop. They can be the bane of my existence when I want to wear a strapless or backless dress for an upcoming event or date.

My simple solution to this is to use a sunless tanning take home spray from Sun Tan City! When you tan in a swimsuit outdoors your exposed skin develops a deep dark tan from being in the sun, while your unexposed skin will stay the same color that it was before sun exposure.  That’s why I wouldn’t recommend Double Dipping to take care of your tanlines—your dark skin will keep getting darker and your tanlines will get darker, but not to the extent of the rest of your skin.

Our sunless take home spray is a great way to take care of those pesky tanlines. Keep in mind that when you apply, precision is key. Apply the spray yourself or enlist the help of your bestie to help you conquer those tanlines. Follow these steps when using our Sunless Spray’s at home to cover tanlines:

  1. Take the sunless product and spray it on a cotton ball.
  2. Carefully and softly use the cotton ball to blend your two shades. Since the sunless spray is tinted, you will see the color as you apply it.
  3. Allow the area to dry before you get dressed.
  4. Viola! Your skin should be better matched than before.

I do want to mention that tanning indoors at Sun Tan City may be your only way to go all summer without a tanline… Unless you’re into them, then rock those tanlines, girl!

Happy Tanning,


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