How to Accelerate your Tan with Tanning Accelerators

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One step beginning tanners often miss is the importance of indoor tanning lotion. There are many differences in the lotions sold at our salons, but this blog will focus on Tanning Accelerators.

The bottom line of tanning is moisturized skin tans easier than dry skin. But moisturized skin also stays tan longer. So while there is a bit more of an investment to purchase a lotion, it is in fact an investment. Plus, your skin just feels amazing.

There are several different types of accelerators so you will be able to find one that you love. Bronzers have a slight tint of color in the lotion so you will receive a bit of color from the lotion. And Tingle lotions are great for getting past a tanning plateau by causing your skin to warm, which in turn allows your skin to receive more color.

If you would like to try a new tanning accelerator, many of them are available in sample lotion packets for you to purchase. It’s a great way to give the lotion a try without buying a whole bottle.

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