Sun Tan City has grown from the humblest of beginnings – a few tanning beds placed in the back of an existing video store – to its current position as the fastest growing chain of sun tanning salons in America. But, this success story didn’t happen overnight …

Before launching Sun Tan City in 1999, enterprising brothers David and Rick Kueber owned a chain of successful video retail stores. Despite the chain’s success, business tended to be slow during the industry’s summer down season. The brothers made a key decision to add tanning units to their stores as an attempt to boost store traffic during these months. It soon became clear that the extra business could easily support having its own space, and the first Sun Tan City salon was born.

Opened in 1999

Sun Tan City flourished in the company’s early years, and by 2005, the business had grown to 21 locations.

21 Salons in 2005

Sun Tan City has experienced explosive growth in recent years and now boasts over 250 tanning locations across 18 states.

Now Over 200 Salons

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