Heart of a Blond Sunless Tanning Tips


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Style Squad Blogger: Heart of a Blonde

Today I’d like to give y’all (man sometimes I wish I was southern) the lowdown on my sunless tanning routine. As you may know, I partner with Sun Tan City each month to bring you the latest and greatest in getting the perfect glow, but I haven’t spilled my personal routine for it yet. If you would have told me a year ago that I would be in love with getting a spray tan once per month, I probably would have laughed. I had never spray tanned before and it was a big pile of mystery that I wasn’t interested in exploring. Well friends, I’m a convert. And I’m happy to say that I’ve also converted many family and friends in the process. A sunless tan is a wonderful thing that really boosts your mood and confidence all year round.

My sunless tanning tips:

01.  Shower 6+ hours before getting your sunless tan. Some sources say not to shave, but I do the opposite. I shave my legs bare and strip off all the dead skin. Exfoliation is important! I also moisturize thoroughly after my shower to hydrate the skin.

02. I always use the VersaSpa sunless tanning (read: spray tan) booth at Sun Tan City and never opt to tan in any other type of booth or bed.

03. When you get inside the room, use the barrier cream (which you’ll find on the wall) on your palms, finger and toe nails, and the bottom of your feet.

04. Dominate the in-booth instructions like a champ. Aka listen carefully to the instructions the lady speaks for best results!

05. It’s recommended to wait 4-6 hours to shower. I typically wait 12+ hours to really let the tan soak in. This is with the exception of washing my face, which I try to wait 4 hours to do.

06. Finally, moisturize your skin like crazy to keep it hydrated post tan. My sunless tans usually go strong about 5-6 days and fade completely after about 7-8 days.

Heart of a Blond Sunless Tanning Tips

Heart of a Blond Sunless Tanning Tips

Heart of a Blond Sunless Tanning Tips

This month, Sun Tan City also sent over some sunless product to try separately from using VersaSpa. This week, Itried the Designer Skin Faux Natural Sunless Mist (pictured below) at home. I’m going to be really honest here: this product wasn’t for me. The minute I started spraying it on, I could see that I wasn’t spraying it evenly and immediately washed it off with a wet cloth. Let’s just say I’m not the greatest with spray-on type products, and this one shows up loud and proud the second you spray it on. Does it work for some? No doubt in my mind. Did it work for me? It could have, but I really just wasn’t interested in pursuing it further. I think I’ll stick to my VersaSpa booth at the Sun Tan City salon, but I think giving something like this a try never hurts 🙂

Heart of a Blond Sunless Tanning Tips


  1. Erin

    Sunless tanning is great for us fair skinned/ burn only types. Thanks for the tips. These are great!

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