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Happy Birthday, Vicki!

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Whenever I hear someone talking about birthdays, they either love them or hate them. As for me I love birthdays! Now mine is two days after Christmas so planning things out is always tricky and yes, most of my presents are a combo of Christmas/Birthday but it’s my day! No matter what age I am turning it always calls for a celebration. Someone else that loves birthdays is Sun Tan City and we are kicking off the biggest bash for Vicki this month with Vicki’s Birthday Bash but you’re the guest of honor!

Vicki’s Birthday Bash is a limited time offer allowing ANY client the chance to tan for one very low price for 12 months. It has all the perks of a Club Sun Membership; discounts on upgrades, half price weekend upgrades, tan when and where you want, and an exclusive 33% off discount on products the day of purchase. With a Birthday Bash membership you will also receive an exclusive every day discount; 15% off for Fast Members and 20% for Instant Members on products.

Since Vicki will be receiving amazing presents all month long for her birthday, she wants to share some of the perks with you. With Vicki’s Birthday Bash you can purchase the Fast yearly for the incredibly low price of $120, so that breaks down to just $10 dollars a month. I know right … amazing! But Vicki isn’t stopping there, you can be VIP status at Sun Tan City and purchase a regular Instant yearly for just $499. So for around $40 dollars a month, you can double dip and bed hop all you want.

So I know what you might be thinking … I am not going to be tanning consistently for a whole year! But, when you break down the price you are basically paying for 6 months of tanning and getting 12 months. Not to mention, there is always something popping up on my calendar that I need to be tan for and I am sure there is on yours too! So how amazing would it be to already have that tanning membership ready to go when those times occur?

As the song goes … “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!” Well it’s Vicki’s party and you can tan if you want to and who wouldn’t want to with discounts like these! Visit your local Sun Tan City for party details!



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