Got Color? Keep it with Tanning Lotion!

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Attention tan fanatics! You know the importance of moisture to healthy skin, but did you also know that using a specially formulated lotion just for sun tanning can help you get more color and keep your color longer? It’s true.

Moisturized skin not only holds color longer, but also actually helps you tan faster. Because sun tanning is a totally natural process of your skin reacting to UV rays, the healthier your skin is, the more quickly and evenly it will respond to UV light. And because your tan fades naturally, keeping your skin moisturized helps keep your color radiant even longer.

As an extra bonus, indoor sun tanning lotions contain natural tan-enhancing ingredients, which encourage your skin to tan and help deepen your natural colors. Apply lotion daily, especially when you’re visiting Sun Tan City for a sun tanning session, and be amazed by how much your lotion helps your results really shine!

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