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If you haven’t tried sunless tanning at Sun Tan City yet, now is the time to let go of your reservations and go sunless! With our First Sunless Free promotion, there really isn’t a reason why you should wait any longer. Not sure what to expect? Let me tell you all about the sunless tanning experience. First, let’s get started by talking about the equipment itself!

The Booth

Sunless tanning at Sun Tan City is all about comfort! It’s achieved within a private booth that utilizes the newest airbrush technology. And with its easy-to-breathe open concept, overspray is never an issue. The booth also features an automatic dry pass, which helps cut back on having a sticky/tacky feeling on your skin after your session and decreases the need to pat dry. One of my favorite things about the sunless booth is that I can achieve a great tan in minutes! Speaking of a great tan, let’s talk about your color options!

Color Options

In just one session, you’ll achieve a gorgeous tan that can last up to 7 days. Whether you’re looking for a light glow or a golden tan, your expert Tanning Consultant will help you determine which color option is best for your needs, ranging from 3-5 shades darker than your current color. Sun Tan City salons that offer the Versa Pro booth also include the option to do an extra pass on the legs, or legs only depending on your needs!

Newest Bronzing Options

Inside our booths, you’ll find the newest bronzing options on the market. What does that mean? Just like technology, sunless tanning is ever-changing and advancing. Utilizing the latest ingredients and skin care advancements available in the cosmetics industry, our solutions are top of the line. As leaders in the industry, our product suppliers are always eager to get their most advanced solutions to our clients first!

Prep & Care Products

Now, I can’t talk about sunless tanning without mentioning a few of my favorite sunless prep and care products. What’s important to remember about sunless tanning is that it’s a process that’s very different from UV tanning. While it’s natural for your skin to tan when exposed to UV rays, sunless tanning is a cosmetic process, which is why we take the time to educate each client about the sunless products we offer. Two of my favorite sunless products are the CT Buffer Exfoliator and the Color Maximizer Prep Spray.

  • CT Buffer Exfoliator is a non-abrasive, gentle way to prep the skin for a flawless, even tan! It uses natural, fine-grained volcanic stone to softly exfoliate, and works great for both UV and sunless clients.
  • Color Maximizer Prep Spray works just like a make-up primer, ensuring a darker and more even color. This quick dry 360 spray is infused with ginseng, gynostemma and protein to nourish, protect and condition your skin to result in a darker color.

To learn more about sunless tanning, stop by any Sun Tan City location or visit us online. Don’t forget, your first sunless session is always free, Sunday-Wednesday, with some restrictions. We look forward to seeing you soon for your next sunless tan!

– Jason

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.


  1. Brenda Ramirez

    I really enjoy spray tanning at suntancity.

  2. Nancy Mair

    Love sunless spray tans

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    spray tan

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