Getting Through Wait Times During Busy Season

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Time is one thing we can never get enough of, unless it’s when we want to tan and have to wait for the next available sunbed or sunless booth … then time seems to drag on and on! Trust me, I’ve been there, and I know it’s not fun. But I promise that every Sun Tan City Tanning Consultant is doing their best to get you into your sunbed or sunless booth as fast as they can.

We realize that you can go anywhere to tan and we are grateful that you have chosen Sun Tan City to be the place where you relax, unwind and get your tan on. Since gratitude is the best attitude, I wanted to tell you how much we truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

If you’re a Club Sun member and you see a different level open up while you’re waiting, you can buy upgrades to tan in that level. And trying other levels will help to spice up your tan plan.

Again, I want to stress to all of my friends that we truly appreciate your patience for waiting! If you need further assistance with this, please be sure to contact Client Services at 1-877-362-1097 or through our online chat.

Shine bright,


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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