Get Your Tan on for Summer!

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Summertime is almost here — my favorite time of the year! Warm and sunny weather, cookouts, bonfires and, of course, you might catch me by a pool or at the beach a few times. But the majority of my sun time comes from my visits at Sun Tan City. I love tanning in our controlled environment, where it is sure to be sunny and the perfect temperature. And another perk of tanning in our sunbeds and sunless booths is that tan lines are completely optional!

Before you plan a summer kickoff event, be sure to build your bronzed glow at Sun Tan City. I’ve already made some of my plans, and now I need to build a solid base tan so I can have fun in the sun.

Think of Tanning Consultants as Your New BFF’s!

If you’ve never tanned at Sun Tan City before, be sure to speak with one of our experienced Tanning Consultants at your local salon. They’ll be able to evaluate your skin tone and type and help you make a plan to build up a base tan. Trust me, everyone’s different, and the best place to start tanning is in a controlled atmosphere like Sun Tan City, where our experienced consultants can guide you on which sunbed or sunless booth to use and which products to use.

Take a Few Tips From Me:

1. Don’t tan too much! Your tan doesn’t stop once you get out of the sunbed or sunless booth — it can continue for up to 24 hours!
2. Be prepared! It can take a couple of visits to build a base tan using any of our sunbeds, depending on the strength of the bed.
3. Stay moisturized! Use one of our amazing tan extenders throughout development of your base tan. Tan extenders are specialized lotions designed to lengthen the life of your tan. Every tan extender has an individual set of benefits, so talk to our Tanning Consultants for help determining which will be the best lotion for your tanning goals.

Plan ahead, tan ahead, and enjoy your beautiful bronze color while you’re having fun this summer!

Shine Bright!


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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