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Sunless tanning is the talk of the city right now. Many of my friends are coming back from Spring Break and need help blending their tan lines or getting ready to go on Spring Break and want to start the trip with a little sunless glow. Either way, I’ve got some great tips and tricks that can help you get your best sunless color!

First, the basics:
1) Tan at the right time for your schedule. You need to avoid water for at least 4-8 hours after a sunless session. If you can’t avoid splashing (or sweating) for that long, it’s probably not the best time to tan.
2) Exfoliate before your session to remove dead skin cells. This allows the bronzing spray to absorb into fresh, clean skin. Your sunless tan will not only be more even, but it will last longer as well. Our knowledgeable Tanning Consultants will always suggest that you use a light exfoliating and moisturizing body scrub when you shower. But try to avoid bar soaps or in-shower moisturizers, which could interfere with the bronzing process and bring about that dreaded “orange” color.
3) Skip the lotion and makeup the day of your session if you can. While moisturizing your skin in the days following your sunless tanning session can make the color last longer, applying moisturizers and lotions before your session can interfere with the bronzing spray absorbing into your skin. And if you do wear makeup the day of your tan, remove it before entering the sunless booth to get the most even tan on your face. Also, use deodorant sparingly. Believe it or not, it could interact with the spray and turn your armpits a not-so-fab shade of green!
4) Wear loose-fitting, dark clothing to your session. Also, be sure to remove all your jewelry and leave it off until your sunless tan has set — about 4-8 hours. This will prevent your clothes and jewelry from rubbing against your skin and smudging your tan or your clothing being stained by the sunless tanning spray.

Second, some tips for blending your tan lines:
1) Buy one of our at-home sunless tanning sprays. When you’re home, spray the solution on a cotton ball and lightly dab the unpigmented area of your skin. Use your best judgment on how much you should apply. I recommend applying a light, thin layer and waiting a bit to see how it develops on your skin. Apply a second layer if needed.
2) Some clients prefer to come in for a sunless session instead attempting at-home blending, and I’ve tried this as well. It does help to darken your tan lines, however, it will also darken your suntanned skin, so you will still have tan lines but your unpigmented skin will be a bit darker than it was before your sunless session.

Last but not least, be sure to use a tan extender! Tan extenders are specialized lotions designed to lengthen the life of your sunless tan. Every tan extender has an individual set of benefits. For details about each unique extender’s advantages and help in determining which will be the best lotion for your tanning goals, please speak to one of our experienced Tanning Consultants at your salon.

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And, as always, happy (sunless) tanning!


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