Get A Terrific Value With Our Fast Sunbed

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Looking for a great deal on tanning? Prefer to keep things simple? Then check out the Fast-level sunbed option at Sun Tan City. Our Fast sunbeds are both a terrific value and a quick way to build your base tan. Most Fast sunbeds feature 20-minute lay down sessions, but some locations offer a 10-minute express version as well. Since the Fast sunbed primarily uses the reddening ray (UVB), this sunbed offers an easy solution for building your base tan quickly.

The Fast sunbed is a classic sunbed, which makes it perfect for pairing with one of our classic tanning products like Smile You’re Darker. Smile You’re Darker is a classic lotion at Sun Tan City because it has been a client favorite for several years, and has proven tanning results! This product is great for all clients because of its gender-neutral fragrance and subtle bronzers. I recommend pairing it with the Angel tan extender for maximum tanning results. Happy tanning!

– Jason

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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