FREE Tan Week

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No coal for you all this year! Which means you must have been good this year because you’re all getting exactly what you ask for every month … FREE Tan Week! It begins today and will not end until Sunday, December 22nd; you get 7 days so take advantage of each day!

Instant and All-Access Members, a.k.a. some of Santa’s (my) closest besties, during FREE Tan Week you can purchase products for 40 percent OFF! This is such a perfect time for you to purchase new tanning lotion or for you to replenish any of your tanning lotions or tan extenders. And if you are going to purchase any lotion for a friend for the holidays, the timing is amaze!

Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Sunless Club Sun Members, during Free Tan Week you’ll receive discounts on tanning products and services. This week you can upgrade to the next level of tanning for FREE. If you’d like to upgrade past that level, you can purchase upgrades at weekend upgrade pricing. As I previously mentioned, you’ll get an amazing discount on products this week; 33 percent OFF this week for Fast, Faster, Fastest and Sunless members.

Non-Members don’t worry, Santa hasn’t forgotten about you! This week, any new or non-member can tan in our Fast level sunbed for FREE. If you’d like to tan in our Faster, Fastest, Sunless or Instant level you can purchase upgrades at our pricing that is normally only available to Club Sun Members. Need some tanning lotion this week? No problem because you can purchase products this week for 20 percent OFF!

This is the perfect month for FREE Tan Week … Sun Tan City is the place to escape, relax, and unwind during the holiday season.

Happy FREE tanning,

Santa A.K.A. Vicki

PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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