March Lotion Special

FREE Tan Extender With Purchase!

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With Spring Break just around the corner, it’s time to turn that dry winter skin into moisturized tan skin! As you know, moisturized, healthy skin tans better and more evenly than dry skin. To help you stay moisturized, during the month of March, you will receive a FREE tan extender when you buy ANY tanning lotion bottle priced at $49 and up!

Through the end of this month, you’ll get a FREE bottle of Angel tan extender when you buy ANY tanning lotion bottle priced at $49 or more. Or if you buy ANY tanning lotion bottle priced at $69 or more, you’ll get a FREE bottle of Sinfully Soft tan extender.

Not only do our tan extenders moisturize your skin and provide vitamins and nutrients, but they are also designed to lengthen the life of your tan. Tan extenders should be applied after every sunbed visit, no matter your skin type or what stage your tan is currently in. It’s also important to use them whenever you need a boost, like after a shower.

Tan-extending properties aren’t only available in lotions … Designer Skin’s Tiny Bubbles is a tan-extending body wash and bubble bath that will moisturize, cleanse, refresh and hydrate your skin. And this month, you can buy a bottle for only $14.99!

Each tanning product has an individual set of benefits. For details about which tanning lotion or tan extender is best for you, be sure to talk to one of our knowledgeable Tanning Consultants at your favorite salon.

Happy tanning,

PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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