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Fashion Friday with Lou What Wear

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It’s our first fashion Friday blog! And what better way to kick-off this series than with one of our favorite bloggers, Danielle of Lou What Wear!

Valentine’s Day (a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day) is only 7 days away. When I think of love, I think of my friends. Sure fellas are great, but my girlfriends are truly my soul-mates. So what better way to have fun with my friends than to have a Secret Cupid party in celebration of this hallmark day.

You may be wondering what a Secret Cupid party is, I just learned about it from reading Danielle’s blog. It is very much like a Secret Santa gift exchange. Invite a group of your friends to get together and ask everyone to bring a gift valued at the set amount that everyone is comfortable with. Danielle wrote that her office exchanged items valued around $20 – $25.

To mix-up Danielle’s idea into a fun night with your friends, play this game like a White Elephant exchange. This is where everyone brings a general gift to the exchange; a gift good for anyone that attends. The first recipient chooses a wrapped gift and opens it. The second recipient can choose a different wrapped gift, or steal the unwrapped gift from the first person. Things continue that way until everyone has an unwrapped gift — for better or for worse!

Check out some of the fun fashion gifts that Danielle put together for her blog followers:


And if you’re wondering what outfit you’ll wear to this party, check out this sweet outfit. *Note her glowing tan is a great accessory!

Be sure to visit Danielle’s blog and get super social with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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