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Time and time again, so many of my friends get mad at me because of our tanning time policy. After I explain it to them they understand and get over their frustration. Since it is an ongoing topic, I’d like to explain it to you all so you know that our tanning time policy is for your own good.

So many of our clients have frozen their accounts during the summer because they want to tan outdoor at the pool or they’re traveling, et cetera. Then they return to their favorite Sun Tan City tanning salon and are upset that they have to build their tanning time back up to where they once were to tan the full time in the sunbed. Please try not to get too testy with the Tanning Consultants that are delivering this message in person to you, it is an automated time that our system has in place to protect you.

The regulations of minutes exist because the formula of the light that is produced from the sunbed v. outdoor sunlight is slightly different. Because of that ,the time in the sunbed will start out in small increments of minutes which may increase a minute or two at a time from there. Since we use the Fitzpatrick skin chart to assist you with which skin tone you are, the tan times are built from this and will assist you with minutes and which will help with the possibility that you may burn.

I truly appreciate your understanding of these rules when your Tanning Consultant makes the best decisions for your unique – and beautiful – skin!



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