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Sun Tan City offers a variety of different tanning specials and promotional offers every month, for many of our popular sunbed and sunless tanning products and services. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with many different opportunities to make the most of their tanning experience while saving even more. We want you to take advantage of every possible promotional offer, which is why we offer several different ways for you to connect to with us.

For frequent tanners ages 18 and older, we highly recommend joining our electronic mailing list, —the exclusive Sun Tan City E-Club. Clients who enroll in the Sun Tan City E-club Club mailing list get all of our special offers automatically delivered to their inbox whenever specials they are available. E-club Club members receive access to all our offers before anyone else! In addition to receiving all of our special offers and the latest tanning updates, E-club Club members will also receive a unique, ,  and exclusive free birthday gift from Sun Tan City, giving you even more of an opportunity to unwind and be pampered on your special day. Sign up today! It’s fast, easy, and free.

You can also access online specials by visiting the Latest Specials page on the Sun Tan City website. Our website displays the full assortment of specials and offers we have currently running, many of which are exclusive to our online clients. By clicking on any of these options, you’ll receive a coupon that can be printed and taken to the your nearest Sun Tan City tanning salon, or shared with a friend in just a few easy clicks.

Finally, you can always rely on your closest Sun Tan City tanning salon for up-to-date information regarding company specials. Tanning Consultants at any of our salons will be able to let you know about all of our current offers, including exclusive in-salon, local, or regional promotions available only by coming in to see us. Make sure you check with your Tanning Consultant each time you come in for a sun tanning or sunless tanning session to see what offers are available.


  1. sandy silver

    love the spray tans from sun tan city! please mail me some coupons so I can enjoy that more often. thank you!

  2. Laura Mosley

    AWESOME BEDS!! LOVE the color I get after double dipping instant bed plus Versa Spa!!!

  3. Adam Stead

    I have been to the place and the beds are great!

  4. lori jaeckel

    Looking for sunless tanning coupons

    • katiestc

      Hi There,
      You can find all of our Specials here Thanks!
      Sun Tan City

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