Double-Dip for Halloween

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Halloween will be here in two weeks! If you don’t have time to build your tan as I wrote about a week ago, I’d recommend a Double-Dip so you don’t look as white as a ghost for Halloween. TIP: I recommend at least two Double-Dips between now and Halloween so you can experience what your color will turn out to be; there is nothing worse than being lighter or darker than you had hoped to be.

Unsure on what a Double-Dip is, let me give you the deets. A Double-Dip is a session in an instant tanning bed, immediately followed with a sunless inclusive session in one of our sunless tanning booths. Our instant tanning bed has a ‘tan-tastic’ balance of lamps to give you a deep, golden color in just one visit. After your relaxing instant visit, you go into one of our sunless tanning booths for a one-of-a-kind sunless treat. With the sunless session you have the option to have a hydration pass, which we highly recommend to hydrate your skin so you can see the maximum results from your Double-Dip treat.

Check out our videos on what your instant tanning and sunless sessions will entail.

Instant Sunbed Visit

Sunless Booth Session


Here are a few tips I recommend that you follow for the best sunless results:

Preparation before your visit:

  • Shower and exfoliate
  • Do not shave for 24 hours prior to visit
  • Avoid heavy perfumes and lotions


Maintaining your tan after visit:

  • Avoid perspiration
  • Do not shower 4 – 6 hours after visit
  • Avoid skin getting wet

I hope you enjoy your Double-Dip experience! If you have any additional questions, message me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to assist you!


Happy Halloween!



PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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