Don't Forget Coupons

Don’t Forget Your Coupons!

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Could this be love? I think so! All of my friends are posting about how they love their golden glow which makes me happier than cupid on Valentine’s Day.  But I know about something that may make your love soar sky-high … Scratch-off coupons for you to use next week at any Sun Tan City salon! Must be redeemed by February 23rd.

Each coupon sheet available will include one of the following offers:

  • $20 off Services or New Club Sun Membership Purchase
  • 25% off Non-Tanning Products

And there is one grand coupon available to one client from EACH salon …. Drum roll please … One client from EACH Sun Tan City salon will receive a FREE 30 day coupon to tan in ANY sunbed or sunless booth!

Be sure to drop by your favorite salon today and pick up your coupons while you’re getting your tan on during FREE Tan Week! Coupons are available at ALL Sun Tan City salons.

Good luck!


PS – Be Bright. Please Tan Responsibly.

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