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Don’t Forget Mom This Week!

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April showers bring May flowers … and a jam-packed calendar! The month of May cannot get any busier for this guy. First there was the Kentucky Derby, then going to see one of my favorites – Ellie Goulding – in concert, Memorial Day Weekend, and the Indy 500. And of course, I cannot forget Mother’s Day!

While we have only been friends for a few blog posts now, I have something to admit to you: I am a Momma’s boy. While it’s never really been a secret, I figured what better time than now to get it out in the open!

After watching Cardstore’s recent viral video hit World’s Toughest Job, how could you not be Mom’s #1 fan? For those who have not seen this video, a fake job posting was created for the position “Director of Operations” and real interviews were held. The best thing about the video is seeing the applicants’ responses as they are told about the position. A few of the responsibilities and requirements are listed below:
– Constantly on your feet, bending over, exerting yourself, high level of stamina
– 135 hours – unlimited, basically 24/7
– No breaks
– Excellent negotiation skills
– Working in a chaotic environment

When the salary is explained as “No Pay,” the applicants describe this position as cruel, in-humane, and crazy. Upon the realization that the position is currently held by billions of Moms, it’s a powerful reminder that Moms are the best! To all moms out there, we hope you know that every day we appreciate all that you do 24/7, 365 days a year.

Speaking of moms, May is the perfect month for Sun Tan City to turn the spotlight on one of our favorite soon-to-be moms, Jenni Farley, or JWOWW as most of you know her. Her superior line of products is designed with innovative skin care ingredients to deliver the best tanning results. This month at Sun Tan City whenever you pick up one of the following products below you will also receive her One and Done tan extender:

– Private Reserve Little Black Bronzer (Limited Edition)
– One and Done Advanced Black Bronzer
– Natural Black Bronzer
– Black Bronzer

No matter what you have on your calendar for the month of May, make time to stop by Sun Tan City. Our helpful Tanning Consultants will help you determine which JWOWW lotion will be the best for you – and maybe your mom, too!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s a picture of me with my mom 🙂

Jason with Mom for Blog Post

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