Did You Know: Sunless Tanning by VersaSpa

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What makes the VersaSpa sunless tanning bed so special? Everyone knows sunless tanning products are available everywhere, and are relatively inexpensive. So why should you invest in a VersaSpa session? The answer is quality of product, quality of experience and quality of results.

As we explore in-depth in the VersaSpa FAQ section of our client care pages, generic store-bought sunless tanners often assume that “one formula tans all”, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone has his or her own skin type, and each type tans a little differently. That’s why store-bought lotions and bronzers can leave you with sticky, inconsistent or poorly colored results.

With the VersaSpa, you’re guaranteed not only to have smooth, all-over even color every time, but your color will be deep, natural and beautiful. Our sunless tanning formula contains all-natural ingredients to soothe and nourish skin while giving you an all-over treatment that is truly worth every penny.

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