Did You Know?: Natural Ingredients in VersaSpa formula

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I get tons of questions asking about the VersaSpa sunless tanning formula, and about sunless tanning in general. People always want to know how it works, if it is safe, and how to make sunless tans last longer. That’s where I got this great idea for this month’s Did You Know!

Did you know, that the VersaSpa sunless tanning system uses naturally derived ingredients to produce a more natural, balanced bronze tone? You won’t find any unnatural tans here. The secret is in the VersaSpa’s secret active ingredient.  Believe it or not, it’s vegetables—beets to be exact! Sugar beets and sugar cane are the all-natural sources of the sunless tanning product dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the active ingredient in the VersaSpa tanning formula.

So now you know! Only don’t keep this secret to yourselves, tanners—let anyone you know who is interested in sunless tanning that they can find the best and most natural sunless tanning formula only in the VersaSpa sunless tanning system, only at Sun Tan City!

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