When the first Sun Tan City salon opened in 1999, co-founders and brothers David and Rick Kueber never dreamed their small company would be on the fast track to becoming a leader in the tanning industry. But now, 19 years later, we are proud to say Sun Tan City is the fastest growing tanning salon in the nation.

When it comes to our clients’ overall satisfaction, Sun Tan City’s experience in the tanning industry really shows. That’s because we understand the care and work that goes into maintaining a tanning salon worthy of repeat visitors. Strong tanning results are the key factor that keeps clients coming back for more, and it’s at the center of the Sun Tan City mission.

This bed has been sanitized.

We’ve also learned through our experience that for many, a tanning salon is a destination for relaxation and tranquility. These sensations simply can’t be reached in the cold, uninviting atmosphere of an unclean or poorly designed salon. At Sun Tan City, we have not only addressed this concern, but have taken it a step further by perfecting our ambiance and our sanitation practices at each of our salon locations.

Learning from our years of experience is crucial to staying on top

But it’s not the only factor. Sun Tan City’s leadership often debates the most vital ingredient in the company’s recipe for success. Co-Founder Rick Kueber insists that it’s all thanks to the dedicated employees. His brother David Kueber places the praise on their determination to have the best of everything – the best equipment, the cleanest tanning salons, the highest-quality lamps and the most knowledgeable staff.

“The client experience is our number one goal, and everything else we do is driven by that one simple fact.”

Jeff Forrest, Executive Vice President – Corporate Support & Franchise Operations, maintains that the key to success has been the ability of Sun Tan City to adapt to the changing needs of its clientele.

But perhaps Chief Operating Officer Steve Greenlaw explained it best with a statement everyone could agree on: “The client experience is our number one goal, and everything else we do is driven by that one simple fact.”

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