Updated 6.1.2020

Please see some Frequently Asked Questions that we are receiving that may provide clarification on your Membership:

Q: Will I get a credit for the days you were closed in March?
A: For the number of days your salon was closed in March, we will make sure that you will receive that many days at no cost to you once your salon reopens.

Q: Will I be charged my monthly Membership cost for June?
A: If your salon reopened on June 1st we will process your payment on June 1st, less the credit for the days the salon was closed in March.

Q: I have a yearly Membership that I paid in full, will I get credit for the days that my salon was closed?
A: Yes! Your Membership expiration date will be extended by the total number of days your salon was closed.

Q: Do you know when my salon will reopen?
A: Many salons have already reopened. We encourage you to visit your salon’s Facebook page to stay updated.

Thank you for being a loyal client of Sun Tan City! We are grateful that you are sticking with us during this difficult time and we are thankful for your patience as we take these necessary steps to care for both our valued clients and employees.

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