Come One, Come All! It’s Free Tan Week!

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Good things come to those who wait, and even though this only happens a couple times through the year it’s FREE TAN WEEK! From February 7 – 13, we invite everyone to come to any Sun Tan City tanning salon for free tanning.

If you’re not a member with Sun Tan City, or your membership is frozen right now, you will be able to tan for free all week long in the Fast tanning bed. And you’ll be able to upgrade into higher-level beds with standard Club Sun Member Upgrade Pricing.

If you are an active member with Sun Tan City, you will be able to tan in the next level bed for free all week long. And you’ll also get weekend Member Upgrade pricing in the upper levels!

This week only, all products are 20% off! And Instant members will receive an additional $10 off in salons.

It’s a very busy time in our salons because so many people come into tan in our cutting-edge tanning equipment, so the wait may be a little bit longer than normal. But to me, it’s worth it to get something awesome for free!

And remember, if you ever have any questions about products or how long you should tan, our Tanning Consultants go through rigorous training on how to get our clients the best tan possible.

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