New Clients Join Club Sun Sign-Up for Incentives

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Remember the tanning goals we posted about last month? Well, it’s time to put those goals in motion and join Sun Tan City this month so you can take advantage of our Club Sun Sign-Up Incentives!

Club Sun is our exclusive, monthly membership where you can tan the whole month for one low monthly rate. You also get discounts on tanning products and upgrades.

This month, new clients can start their Club Sun Membership and get FREE upgrades and an amazing product discount on the day you start your membership!

If you start a Fast, Faster, Fastest or Sunless membership, you’ll receive $30 in tanning bed upgrades AND 20 percent off all product purchases the day you start your membership including Blend® products!

If you start an Instant membership, you’ll receive $30 in Sunless upgrades and 25 percent off all product purchases the day you start your membership, which also include Blend®!

The benefit to starting a membership, no matter what the level, is the ability to upgrade or downgrade to other tanning beds and experience all that we have to offer at affordable prices! And I don’t know about you, but I like variety when I tan and this gives you all the tanning variety you’ll ever desire.

In case you can’t tell, you’ll save by joining Club Sun because it is the most cost-effective way for you to tan! Hurry in today and talk to one of our expert Tanning Consultants about how you can sign-up to be a member at the most exclusive club in your city! Happy tanning!


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