Which Tanning Bed Makes the Most Sense for Your Tanning Needs

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At Sun Tan City, the mission of our Tanning Consultants is to give you the results you want in the right amount of time. With five tanning beds to choose from and tanning experts on hand to pair your skin type with the right equipment and tanning lotions, you are sure to leave Sun Tan City feeling perfectly golden with a personal tanning plan that fits your tanning style.

In order to figure out which bed makes the most sense for you, it’s best to have a few questions outlined and answered before you head into Sun Tan City for the first time…

  1. What’s your budget? Sometimes, knowing what you are able or willing to spend on your tan will help us figure out an appropriate package deal. We want to ensure that you are maximizing the outcome of this important investment.
  2. What timeframe do you have for your tanning session? If you need to get in and out of our salon quickly vs. taking your time and having a spa-like experience, our tanning consultants will direct you to one bed over the other.
  3. How quickly do you want to see the results of your tanning session? Our tanning beds provide different levels of UVA and UVB rays, which translates to different types of tans. Some will take time to build and become apparent, while others are immediate. Depending on when you need to show off your glow, we can work with you to put you in the right bed!

This January we’re making it even easier to develop your perfect tanning formula! Take our Facebook “Which Bed Fits You” quiz as the first step to discover the tanning bed that fits your style. Then sign-up for Tour of The City and you can try each of our five tanning beds (Fast, Faster, Fastest, Instant and Sunless), to see which fits your tanning style and tanning needs. It’s a $9.99, 5-bed, 5-visit package worth over $100! This offer is valid for any Sun Tan City client, limit one per person, and visits expire 14-days after date of purchase.

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