Build Your Tan in Our Fastest Level Sunbed

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Looking to build a great tan in only a few sessions? Check out my personal favorite sunbed, the Fastest level sunbed. This sunbed is a great option to build a base tan. In just 4-7 sessions, you’ll already notice great results and can achieve a flawless base tan. This sunbed is a popular option for many clients because when it’s paired with a great tanning lotion and extender you’ll only need to tan once or twice a week to maintain your color. The Fastest sunbed also features facial bronzers to help give your face a radiant glow. Many of our Fastest sunbeds offer the option to adjust the facial bronzers from high to low, or off if you prefer.

What makes the Fastest sunbed stand out most in our salons is the resulting color our clients achieve with it. By utilizing a unique blend of the Bronzing Ray (UVA) and the Reddening Ray (UVB), this sunbed delivers a golden bronze glow, with a hint of pink — so you’ll get that perfect, natural “straight from the beach” look. The mixture of lamps and UV rays helps make this bed 3-5 times better than our Fast level sunbeds.

When using the Fastest sunbed, you may find that at some locations it even features an air-conditioning option to keep you cool during your tanning session. I love having this option when I’m tanning on my lunch break! It reduces my perspiration and makes it more comfortable for me re-dress. Another great feature that many of our Fastest sunbeds include is a contoured acrylic top to lay on, which helps alleviate pressure points for a more even tan!

Product Suggestions

To help me get that “straight from the beach” look, I typically like to use a bronzer in the Fastest sunbed. Right now my favorite bronzing lotion is Black Legacy by Designer Skin. It’s currently one of the darkest bronzers on our shelves, and helps give me a deeper summer tan. I love its infusion of the best skin care ingredients and silicone base, which helps application go more smoothly with less work to rub it in.

Don’t forget, while the Fastest sunbed is a terrific option, you should always switch up your sunbeds! Switching the level of sunbed you use is the best secret for achieving that perfect glow. Talk with your Tanning Consultant about the different rays each sunbed offers, along with their recommendations for tanning times in your chosen sunbed. Looking to try an upgraded sunbed level? For upgrade offers, ask about our current Upgrade Package or stop by your local Sun Tan City salon on weekends when upgrades are half-price for active Club Sun Members.

– Jason

P.S. Be bright. Please tan responsibly.

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